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  • Command line vs. GUI


A trajectory or concentration simulation only requires one file called CONTROL, which defines various model parameters and other input and output files.  An optional file called SETUP.CFG may be present to define more advanced simulation features.  The Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides a user-friendly way to create these files, set any other command line options that some of the post-processing graphics programs may require, and run HYSPLIT and associated programs. Alternatively, the CONTROL and SETUP.CFG files can be created with any text editor, such as Notepad, and HYSPLIT and its associated programs can be run from the DOS command line.

Starting from the Tcl/Tk GUI

After a successful install, the PC desktop should contain a HYSPLIT shortcut with the following properties:

        Target: \hysplit4\guicode\hysplit4.tcl
        Start in: \hysplit4\working

The HYSPLIT “Start in” directory contains sample CONTROL files that can be used for initial guidance to set up more complex simulations. These can be loaded into the GUI from the Retrieve menu tab under the Trajectory Setup or Concentration Setup menus. Examples include:

        sample_conc - concentration simulation example from users guide
        sample_traj - trajectory simulation example from users guide
        back_conc - backward dispersion simulation for concentration
        back_traj - backward trajectory simulation

The following example shows how to run the sample trajectory from the GUI (more details will be given in Section III):
Trajectory - accessed from the main HYSPLIT menu
        Trajectory Setup
        Retrieve - retrieves the sample.traj file
        Save - saves any changes to the configuration
        Run Standard Model
        Trajectory Display - sets the display options
        Execute Display - show the results as a PostScript file

Starting from the command line

The following example shows how to run the sample trajectory from the DOS command window:
cd \hysplit4\working - change to the “start in” directory
copy sample_traj control - create the control file
..\exec\hymodelt - runs the trajectory model
..\exec\trajplot tdump - creates the Postscript graphic - should open Ghostview

For command line help on the trajectory program:
..\exec\trajplot - without any command line options

To run the trajectory model from a customized control file:
..\exec\hymodelt traj - opens file CONTROL.traj

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