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Pre-installation Program Options

The following optional, but highly suggested, programs should be installed prior to installing the full (registered) version of HYSPLIT. The trial version installation already includes Tcl/Tk, Ghostscript, and Info-Zip and they do not need to be reinstalled prior to installing the registered version over top of the trial version. The following are updated links and will also be provided on the distribution CD.

Installing the Tcl/Tk graphical user interface

Although not required to run the PC version of HYSPLIT, various GUI scripts are provided that use Tcl/Tk. The model can also be run from a DOS window using a command line interface. However, it is easier for novice users to use the Tcl/Tk interface. The registered-user HYSPLIT installation includes all the GUI scripts, but the Tcl/Tk interpreter is not part of the distribution. It should be downloaded and installed prior to HYSPLIT if not already done using the trial version.

Installing the Ghostscript/Ghostview Postscript viewer

The HYSPLIT trajectory and concentration programs create high resolution publication quality graphics files in Postscript format. These can be printed directly on any Postscript printer or viewed on the standard PC display and printed on any printer (even non-Postscript) if Ghostscript has been installed. Ghostscript and Ghostview are not part of the registered-user distribution and should be obtained and installed prior to HYSPLIT. Installation to directories different from their suggested defaults may require editing the HYSPLIT GUI launch script: \guicode\hysplit4.tcl. Although newer versions of Ghostscript are available, they do not work well with the most recent versions of ImageMagick.

Installing ImageMagick Graphics File Converter

One feature of the GUI is the ability to convert the Postscript graphics output file to other graphical formats. This capability is enabled through the installation of ImageMagick, which requires the prior installation of Ghostscript. ImageMagick is not part of the distribution and should be obtained and installed prior to HYSPLIT.

Installing ESRI ArcExplorer Version 2.0.800

HYSPLIT output can be converted into ESRI Shapefile format for display in the GIS applications. ESRI ArcExplorer is a free GIS application that can be used to overlay HYSPLIT output with other GIS layers. ESRI no longer makes version 2.0.800 available on its website, however ArcExplorer 9.2 Java Edition has been tested and does work with HYSPLIT shapefiles. This training uses version 2.0.800.

Installing Google Earth

Graphical output from the trajectory and concentration programs can also be exported into a compressed file (*.kmz) for use in Google Earth; a software package to display geo-referenced information in 3-dimensions.

Installation of these programs to non-default directories may require editing: \guicode\hysplit4.tcl.

HYSPLIT self-installing executables

Two version of PC HYSPLIT are available and can be downloaded from the HYSPLIT website:
  • setup48U.exe (61 Mb) – trial version, does not support forecast data
  • setup48R.exe  (21 Mb) – registered version requires web site registration
It is recommended that HYSPLIT be installed in the C:\hysplit4 directory, however it can be installed in other locations. This document will assume HYSPLIT is installed in the C:\hysplit4 directory.

Installed Directories

           arcview – information on ESRI shapefiles
           bdyfiles – surface height, land-use, and roughness length files
           browser – custom tcl scripts to support the GUI help browser interface
           cluster – scripts and files to create trajectory cluster analysis
           concmdl – scripts and files to automate and customize concentration simulations
           csource – dll files required for the particle viewer & editor
           data2arl – programs to convert meteorological data to the HYSPLIT format
           document – most recent version of the technical documents and User’s Guide
           exec – all executables can be found in this directory
           gisprog – programs to convert text files to shapefiles
           grads – source code to convert HYSPLIT output and meteorological data to grads
           graphics – map backgrounds and map customization files
           guicode – tcl scripts required to run the GUI
           html – help files
           metdata – sample meteorological data file and program to read the data
           source – subroutines to compile the meteorological data conversion programs
           trajmdl – sample scripts and files to customize trajectory simulations
           cluster – scripts and files to create trajectory cluster analysis
           uninstall – programs to uninstall HYSPLIT
           utilities – graphical display utilities
           vis5d – scripts and files to create VIS5D output
           working – output written here; sample CONTROL files

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