What meteorological archive data sets can I use to model Europe with HYSPLIT?

The REANALYSIS, GDAS and FNL archives cover the globe. However, if you have access to ECMWF data, some sample software is provided when you download the PC version of HYSPLIT that you can use as a guide to convert ECMWF grib format to a format that Hysplit can use.

The following documentation may be of help to you…

The directory that the ECMWF decoder is located in:

This directory contains a decoder for ECMWF lat/lon GRIB data files, which are converted to the ARL packed format by ecm2arl. ECM2ARL can processes multiple time periods per execution. The output data are gridded according the grid as defined in the input section of ECM2ARL. The output grid is written to a file called “arldata.bin” and diagnostic information is written to the MESSAGE file. If the home directory contains the METDATA.CFG file, then the output grid will be generated according to the properties defined in this file rather than from the input section of ECM2ARL. Compilation of the ECM2ARL requires the ECMWF gribex software libraries, which are supplied by ECMWF when you order your data.