What archived data are available on the web to run HYSPLIT with?

HYSPLIT reads in specially packed data files, some of which are available on our web server.

We have a limited amount of disk space and so generally only the past few years of EDAS and GDAS data are on-line. Sometimes we have some older data on-line, but it is usually only there for a short period of time. If the data is not on-line, you would need to purchase data (prior to 2004) from NCDC and then run the PC version of HYSPLIT. There is a link to the PC version of HYSPLIT at¬†https://www.ready.noaa.gov/HYSPLIT.php.¬†Global data from 1995-1996 are called the “MRF Archive”, and from 1997 onward the “FNL Archive”.