How do I convert my ECMWF GRIB data files into ARL format using ecm2arl on the PC?

You have all the files your need in the PC hysplit installation directory \data2arl to compile your own version. However, beginning with the March 2002 release of HYSPLIT you may use the generic grib2arl program to convert NOAA or ECMWF lat/lon GRIB files to HYSPLIT compatible format.

Usage: grib2arl [-options]
-i[grib input file {required}]
-s[supplemental grib data {optional}]
-x[extract center longitude {-80.0}]
-y[extract center latitude {60.0}]
-g[{0}:conformal 1:nhem 2:shem 3:global]
-n[number of x,y extract grid points {100}]
-k[number of output levels incl sfc {16}]
-p[{1}:surface pressure or 0:terrain height]
-z[zero initialization of output 0:no {1}:yes]

This executable is provided in the \data2arl directory and can also be invoked through the tcl/tk GUI.

Roland Draxler