I am doing a project on air pollution due to Volcanic activity. I am missing one major part of the project: a model for the plume so that I can calculate the contaminant dispersion. I was wondering if one of you were familiar with such models and if I could get any information about them.

Here are several sources of information for you:

https://www.ready.noaa.gov/HYSPLIT.php – This is a more general application of the HYSPLIT transport and dispersion model. You can run the model on the web, but it has a pre-set source of 1.0 micron dia. particles. The model may be downloaded so you can run it yourself; you then can set the source, the particle size, density, etc. Model documentation is also on the web.

http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/VAAC/washington.html – Washington Volcanic Ash Advisory Center – Has much information on volcanoes – focusing on aviation hazards. Also included are links to the other Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers. I hope this will help you with your project.

Barbara Stunder