I have several months of the EDAS data files on my PC and wish to run several months at one time. Is there a way to run the model in “batch mode” that would generate trajectory endpoints for example for trajectories starting every 6 hours?

One way is that batches of trajectories, a month at a time, can be run on the Windows/PC version of HYSPLIT. First generate one trajectory through the GUI as you normally would (trajectory: setup, run, display). Then go to Trajectory: Special Runs, Daily. It will automatically have the year and month from your separate trajectory run, so you just need to set the start and end day, and the hour(s).

Another way to do this is to modify a basic script or batch file that is distributed in the PC-HYSPLIT package as needed for your specific application. The files are in c:\hysplit4\examples\scripts – batch for batch files, tcl for tcl scripts, and unix for unix scripts. All these files can be opened in Notepad. The scripts do not include all possible user combinations, but you can take the appropriate sections from one script and move them to another as needed (e.g. loop through dates, trajplot.exe to create plots).

Barbara Stunder