I have several months of the EDAS data files on my PC and wish to run several months at one time. Is there a way to run the model in “batch mode” that would generate deposition and concentration for each endpoint?

In the concmdl directory is a file autoconc.scr. It is set to automatically run the hysplit dispersion model beginning at 00 UTC on May 12, 13, 14, and 15, 1998. I think this is what you want. Copy this file to the working directory, then edit it for your specific application. I recommend you do one run manually, through the GUI, and save that CONTROL file as a reference. Then setup this batch file to duplicate that case. When the CONTROL file matches the reference, then set up the batch file to loop through the days you want. For information about each line in the CONTROL file, see the HELP buttons in the GUI, or see the HYSPLIT User’s Guide at hysplit_user_guide.

Barbara Stunder