I am using the PC version of the model on a Windows NT computer and am having trouble running it. I downloaded some archived files from the ftp site, and when I ask the model to use them I get the following error:

HYSPLIT4 (Dec 98) – Initialization
Unable to find file: JUN98.BIN
On local directory : C:/HYSPLIT4/METDATA
Check input CONTROL file for correct values
Stop – Program terminated.

I edited the control file by taking out the relative reference pathfile and put in the specific fully qualified directory path C:/hysplit4/metdata/ Do you have any suggestions on how to correct this problem?

The directory character string needs to terminate with either / or \:

on a unix system: /dir1/dir2/
or on a PC c:\dir1\dir2\

That should solve your problem.

Roland Draxler