I am looking to run concentrations for about 300 plants in HYSPLIT for use in an econometric analysis. I am running the concentration model for each plant and producing a GIS map for each model output. My problem is that generating one concentration and one GIS map at a time is very time-consuming and I am wondering if there is a way to do all 300+ of the concentrations at the same time? I want the model (time, pollutant characteristics, etc.) to be all the same for each model run, the only difference is the emission source and the height.

Anything is possible, but it may require learning a little programming.

The concentration model can easily be run with hundreds of sources by specifying them in the CONTROL file and then running the model from the command line. The GUI only supports 6 source locations. However this will result in one concentration output field that combines the emissions from all the sources. To treat each source independently requires a concentration output grid for each source. This can be accomplished by setting ICHEM=1 in the SETUP.CFG file (the matrix checkbox in the Advanced/Concentration Config menu tab of the GUI). This creates a complex output file that requires a special program to extract the information for each source. The extraction program was designed to run with a regular source grid. Running this combination also requires a lot of memory (every source has its own grid). My suggestion would be to use a script and run them sequentially. The example script (Autoconc.tcl) in the PC distribution has the locations hardwired, but can be modified to read the lattude-longitudes from a file.

Roland Draxler