I would like to extract surface winds from the archived EDAS data into ESRI Shape “shp” format, MapInfo “mif” format, or something similar. Is this possible?

The PC HYSPLIT installation contains a meteorological data contouring program called display. You can set the GIS switch to get a “generate” format text file. This text file can then be run through the ascii2shp utility program to create the ESRI Shapefiles. However, there are two problems. The display program only generates the ascii GIS output for contours. Hence you get U and V component maps rather than vectors. The VECT option has no ASCII output option. Second the contours are usually cutoff on the map boundaries and therefore it is not possible to specify “polygon” for the Shapefile conversion; you must use the “line” option which results in lines rather than closed contours.

Roland Draxler