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ARL Staff Directory

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ARL Headquarters, College Park MD

Name E-mail Phone Affiliation
Baker, Barry 301-683-1373 Cooperative Institute
Chai, Tianfeng 301-683-1393 Cooperative Institute
Cohen, Mark 301-683-1397 Federal
Crawford, Alice 301-683-1380 Contractor
Heffter, Jerome (Nick) 301-683-1377 Contractor
Jiang, Rick 301-683-1387 Federal
Kelley, Paul 301-683-1389 Cooperative Institute
Kerchner, Maggie 301-367-6801 Federal
Kim, Hyun 301-683-1390 Cooperative Institute
Lee, Pius 301-683-1395 Federal
Luke, Winston 301-683-1398 Federal
Loughner, Christopher 301-683-1372 Cooperative Institute
Mitchell, Denise (Dee Dee) 719-784-2142 Federal
Ngan, Fong (Fantine) 301-683-1375 Cooperative Institute
Olanday, Ogie 301-683-1371 Federal
Pan, Li 301-683-1392 Cooperative Institute
Ren, Xinrong 301-683-1391 Cooperative Institute
Rolph, Glenn 301-683-1376 Federal
Shen, Fred 301-683-1386 Contractor
Stein, Ariel 301-683-1379 Federal
Stunder, Barbara 301-683-1374 Federal
Tang, Youhua 301-683-1388 Cooperative Institute
Taylor, Albion 301-683-1378 Contractor
Tong, Daniel 301-683-1394 Cooperative Institute
Wang, Julian 301-683-1382 Federal
Wells, Charmaine 301-683-1369 Federal

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Atmospheric Turbulence & Diffusion Division (ATDD), Oak Ridge TN

Name E-mail Phone Affiliation
Baker, Bruce 865-220-1728 Federal
Black, Michael 865-607-1621 ORAU
Blackwell, Joshua 865-382-5369 ORAU
Brown, Charles 865-719-9510 ORAU
Bryant, Keith 865-748-4141 ORAU
Buban, Michael 405-210-6085 ORAU
Diamond, Howard 301-427-2475 Federal
Dobosy, Ron 865-621-0404 ORAU
Dumas, Ed 865-386-7506 ORAU
French, Brent 865-607-1359 ORAU
Goodge, Grant 865-288-3073 ORAU
Hall, Mark 865-607-1737 ORAU
Hamby, Tony 423-539-0653 ORAU
Heuer, Mark ORAU
Klemenz, Simone ORAU
Kochendorfer, John 865-603-2098 Federal
Krishnan, Praveena ORAU
Land, Gabrielle 865-454-6515 ORAU
Lee, Temple 540-931-1827 ORAU
Meyers, Tilden 865-386-7510 Federal
Myles, LaToya 865-220-1729 Federal
Pendergrass, William 865-220-1795 Federal
Potter, Michael 865-399-1067 ORAU
Randolph, Blake 865-599-8149 ORAU
Robinson, Maggie 865-220-1740 ORAU
Rutherford, Mike 865-567-7982 ORAU
Saylor, Rick 865-220-1730 Federal
Satterfield, Lynne 865-220-1790 ORAU
Senn, David 865-241-8979 ORAU
Shifflett, Barbara 865-405-4493 Federal
White, Randy 865-386-7508 ORAU
Wilson, Tim 865-748-9111 ORAU
Wood, Tom 865-256-6387 Contractor

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Field Research Division (FRD), Idaho Falls, ID

Name E-mail Phone Affiliation
Carter, Roger 208-526-2745 Federal
Clinger, Devin 208-526-5434 Contractor
Davis, Donna 208-526-2329 Federal
Eckman, Richard 208-526-2740 Federal
Finn, Dennis 208-526-0566 Federal
Hooker, L.W.   208-526-2329 Contractor
Reese, Bradley 208-526-5707 Federal
Rich, Jason 208-526-9513 Federal

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Special Operations & Research Division (SORD), Las Vegas NV

Name E-mail Phone Affiliation
Balecha, Karen 702-295-1348 Federal
Germain, Dave 702-295-0741 Contractor
Lantrip, Ricky 702-295-1260 Federal
Schalk, Walter 702-295-1231 Federal
Wood, James 702-295-1247 Federal

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