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Climate Variability and Change Analysis

Our Climate Variability and Change Analysis Group analyzes data on daily to multi-decadal atmospheric variations measured by many types of observing systems. Our specialty is working with radiosonde (weather balloon) data. Through our radiosonde research, we have identified important data problems and produced new, improved datasets. We use these and other datasets to identify and characterize climate variability and trends. We also work collaboratively with climate modeling groups who use our datasets to evaluate global climate models.

Researcher Primary Research Interests Other Interests
Melissa Free Climate Variability and Change
Volcanic Effects on Climate
Radiosonde Atmospheric Temperature Products for Assessing Climate (RATPAC)
Ozone Trends
Changes in Cloud Cover
Dian Seidel Climate Variability and Change
GCOS Reference Upper Air Network (GRUAN)
Climatology of the Planetary Boundary Layer
Vertical Profile of Temperature Trends
Tropopause Studies
Science and Environmental Education
American Meteorological Society
Julian Wang Regional Climate Modeling Transition of Research to Operations
International Research Agreements
Modified: August 7, 2013
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